Why Mango Display is so much better than DayClox for seniors.

If you were looking for a day clock for seniors you’ve definitely come across the DayClox product as shown below. But is this the best you can do for your parents?

Let’s review some of the reviews of DayClox on Amazon, to see what customers are saying.

That doesn’t sound too good. Or how about this one.

Sure, you will find the that the DayClox has good ratings as well, but the only reason is because it was one of the only products of this type available. So many users have stuck with ‘good-enough’.

But, don’t you want the best for your parents? something that just works!

A day clock for the elderly, where you can set the fonts to the size that you want, where you can automatically add photos (from iCloud or Google Photos), where you can send notes, or set the weather, reminder or appointments. All done remotely? A clock that auto adjusts for daylight savings time, has a built in back up battery for power failures?

Of course we all want that. We want the best product for our parents who have given so much to us.

All you need is to use an Android Tablet. Choose a size that you like the best, then use the Mango Mirror App and done. Nothing else.

Your parents will be aware of the current time and date, and enjoy your personal notes to them along with family photos of their favourite pics of the grandkids 🙂

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