A Digital Photo Frame App

Do you have thousands of family photos and precious memories stored on your phone. Stuck forever in there, almost never to be seen again. It’s such a shame.

True, there are memory card storage digital photo frames, but that means that you have to manually move photos from your iPhone to the card. And who has time for that, and these days most of use don’t even have a computer that can read those SD Cards. And even if you do, you have to move the photos from your phone to it, then copy it over. And you might even have to clean things up to make space for more images. It is such a hassle.

You already use cloud photo albums like Google Photos or Apple iCloud photos, to store your family treasures. And in most cases they are automatically stored in those albums, with no intervention from you. So why can’t we just display those photos? Exactly. That is why Mango Display is your best digital photo frame. All you need to choose is an Android Tablet or Amazon Fire tablet of the size you want, and download the Mango Display App. This will be your Digital Photo frame.

Once done you can choose the appropriate Google Photo Album or Apple iCloud photo album that you want to display. And you are done. Any new photos that are taken and get added to your albums automatically, will be displayed automatically.

Thats it, easy! Release your precious memories from your Phone and enjoy them on a display of your choice. Not only that, you can also overlay it by adding widgets like clock, weather to make your display even more amazing. This is why Mango Display is the best option for a digital photo frame app!

Also makes a perfect gift for Grandparents, they will never miss out on a photo of their grandkids ever again 😀💕

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