My mom never worried anymore

Often times when you build a product, you can never imagine how it can change people’s lives. When we started Mango Display, we wanted to build a product that would be the best digital wall calendar display, personal health and fitness dashboard that works with fitbit and Apple health. We also added in additional widgets like clock, weather, notes and quotes that we thought would enhance that core product experience.

But one day a customer messaged me and said that he enjoyed the product, but was using it for a completely different purpose. Because it had the ability to setup and manage notes remotely from his phone, that would automatically be reflected on any Android tablet. He set it up for his mom who was living in a different city from him.

His mom was staring to lose her memory slowly with age and would often forget when he visited or when he was coming to visit. So she would call him every day, sometimes even multiple times a day asking him when he would be visiting. And because of her short term memory loss, she would even call him right after the day he visited to ask him when he was going to visit and if he was doing okay.

So he simply setup an Amazon Fire tablet, on the TV stand next to the TV. And remotely sent her notes like this one:

Hi mom,

Visited you on Saturday, will be coming home to see you again on Sunday.

Everything is okay, I am fine and am at work the whole week.

❤️ Joe

He also added the clock widget above the note, so that she could see what time and weekday it was currently.

He said that this was so helpful for his mom’s wellbeing, that his mom ‘never worried anymore’ about where he was, and when he visited, or was visit next. The display helped to keep her reminded and reassured.

After hearing that we focused on making sure families who could be helped in the same way, could get the same feeling. So you can now use Mango Display App as a clock and calendar for the elderly that does more than just tell time. Also, send messages of reassurance and photos to your parents who are suffering from age based memory loss. Because as much as you’d like, you can’t be with them all the time.

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