Get your Google Calendar on the wall using a tablet or large screen monitor or TV

Digital calendar

How do I show my Google calendar on my wall? This is a common question we get from our visitors to our website. You might want to do the same to share a family calendar so everyone in the family can stay organized with upcoming events. Or even use it for a business display to show upcoming events. In this post we will show you how simple it is to do in just three steps.

list view of events from your google calendar

Step 1: Choose your display device

Use any Android Tablet or for a larger screen choose any HDMI TV/display screen and connect it with with an Amazon Fire TV stick

Step 2: Download and open Mango Display App (installed on your display device that will display your calendar)

Download Mango Display on the Google Play store here

Download Mango Display on the Amazon app store here

Step 3: Log in at Register, setup your display device, choose the calendar widget and sign in to your google account(s). Select all or specific calendars in your google account to display. Select the display layout you want.

Weekly schedule view from your google calendar

That it. Done! Place your screen on the wall or your desk and your google calendar events will be displayed on your screen and automatically kept up to date for your viewers to enjoy. For more details and options check out our digital wall calendar page.

Monthly google calendar view
Week view from google calendar

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