Using Android for your Smart Mirror, is the future.

Mirror morning notification

For the past few years the Raspberry Pi has been the number one option for building smart mirrors. However it was always too cumbersome to make one. First of all the Raspberry Pi comes with out a case, you need a separate monitor that makes it heavy, requiring a heavy duty frame, power cables going to the Pi and the monitor, a HDMI connection to the monitor, and so on.

The only compelling reason was that you could find some software like the MagicMirror that would enable you to load on a Raspberry Pi and modify code to make it work for you. But today, who wants to code? do you even want to code or care to learn how to code just to have a wonderful smart mirror. Nope, we didn’t think so. It’s a world of Apps now, and that is exactly what we want.

We want anyone who wants a smart mirror to be able to get one ready in under 10 minutes, and something that they can control remotely from their phone or computer. That is why our users love building an Android Smart Mirror using the Mango Display App.

An android tablet is simple (just one power chord), no additional monitor or extra weight or frames. The Mango Display Apps let you setup and control it remotely, add widgets, have rotating and looping screens, setup the size and layout if your data and more.

There is nothing more fascinating than dreaming of waking up every morning and seeing the information magically appear on your mirror. But you know that already 🙂

So what are you waiting for, build your Android Smart Mirror in under 10 minutes – instructions and items you need are all listed here.

Happy building, make it great!

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