What is a digital Calendar? Get one in under 5 minutes.

A digital calendar is a calendar that can look very similar to a paper wall calendar but one that uses a screen (tablet, tv, monitor) to automatically display your events and updates with no manual intervention needed. It can look exactly like this one below. Your events from your online calendars like Google calendar or icloud, outlook, and other calendar accounts on your iPhone are automatically displayed, and changes and updates you make to your calendar are instant and automatically shown on your digital calendar.

Now this is a beautiful digital wall calendar
An old fashioned wall calendar

If you are wondering what all the benefits of a digital wall calendar are, check out our blog post on why use a digital wall calendar.

Want one? See how simple it is to get a digital wall calendar in under 5 minutes, using our apps. You can display events from your iPhone or any Google calendar account.

If you don’t want a digital calendar, you can also use a tablet to make a digital desk calendar. The cool thing about a digital calendar is that it does not need to look like a paper calendar, you can personalize it with other information like weather, steps, heart-rate, news headlines, quotes and more. It can also display beautiful background images or photos from your Google photo albums or iCloud albums.

digital wall calendar with backgrounds

There is no better way to keep track of upcoming events and meetings, and is great to keep the whole family on track – kids sports, birthday parties, work and school schedules. All automatically updated and displayed, and also gets those gazillion photos you have stuck on your phone onto a beautiful display so that you can relive those memories.

A digital wall calendar also makes a great gift, put one together in under 10 minutes and give it some one to enjoy! So get started now and make your digital calendar now.

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