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“Electronic calendars are nice, but there’s nothing like something that is physically present and right in front of the whole family. Every member gets a different color and is responsible for keeping their own items up to date.”
source: https://www.momof6.com/

A reader comment like that is almost always present in any article about the benefits of using electronic calendars to organize our busy family schedules. It goes somewhat like this: “I love the easy and quick updatability of electronic calendars, I can update it on my phone, no matter where I am. But, the whole family does not have access to it, so I end up re-writing the events manually on our wall calendar or family planner in the house.”

This is the key problem that Mango Display set out to solve for families. We want to display your electronic calendars for the whole family to see. So basically our digital calendar app, used on a tablet or TV can be used instead of a paper wall calendar. You can place it on your wall, desk, kitchen counter or fridge, so the entire family can view it. It is also automatically and instantly updated, so if you add, change or delete an event on your calendar using your phone, no matter where you are, it will be reflected on our calendar display app immediately for the family to see.

Using Mango Display as your electronic family calendar works well with multiple google accounts, multiple calendars and shared calendars. So you don’t need to change your current calendaring process. It also displays the event colours you have set on your google calendars so you know which event belongs to which family member, just at a glance. It’s a simply way to get your Google calendar on your wall, and off your phone, so the family can stay informed.

So say goodbye to manually updating your paper wall calendars or dry erase family planners once and for all, and enjoy the convenience of a family electronic calendar display.

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