The Wall Calendar is Dead. Long live the Wall Calendar!

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R.I.P paper wall calendar. You were good for decades – showing us upcoming holidays, events and dates that were important to the family. You were given the prime wall space in our homes- in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Mom and dad would update your date squares every so often with an event or two, a birthday or a vacation. And everyone in the family would glance at you to see what the upcoming family events were.

But it’s time to rip you up and let you R.I.P………..Why?

Over the last few years life just got a lot more hectic. Our families are busier than ever before. Events are being scheduled all the time, they also also being updated, changed and moved all the time. These events are being scheduled on digital calendars like google calendar, and we even have a shared family google calendar so mum and dad can update events on the the same family calendar. All of those updates are happening on our phones. So keeping you up on the wall and trying to update you manually just does not make sense any more, and our events can’t fit in your squares anymore. But, the family does miss you – our kids are no longer able to glance and see what’s coming up, because all the events are stuck in our phones. So we are not in sync – Jake does not know when swimming is, and Tina does not know when her friends birthday party is. We miss you.

At Mango Display we want to solve this issue and give you the best of both worlds, we present the digital wall calendar display. You get all the benefits of a printed wall calendar and the instant updates and auto event display of your digital calendar. The very best of both worlds.

Mango Display Monthly Calendar view with Photo events

The digital wall calendar can be placed exactly in the same place as a printed wall calendar. So your family will always know whats coming up. It can also be customized with photos directly streamed from your google or iCloud photo albums, so its ever changing and always fresh. It automatically syncs with your digital calendars like google calendar, so every event from parties to dance, swimming to piano is displayed for all to see. In addition you can also add photos to your calendar events, so you see beautiful photos or gifs to keep you excited for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or vacations. Also view weather, headlines and quotes to keep your family ready for the day, week and month!

This is what we’ve been waiting for; the ‘wall calendar 2.0’ digital upgrade, that turns paper wall calendars obsolete and ushers in the digital wall calendar display as the perfect family information hub.

Bring your wall calendar to life, keep the family organized and life your best life! Get your digital wall calendar display now.

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