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As a smart mirror seller; whether you are a company or an individual, we know all the customer service issues that can come up with selling a smart mirror based on raspberry pi and open source software. SD card corruption, software configuration issues, and forcing users to connect keyboards and a mouse for wifi passwords, setup, configuration, and network changes. This can drive customers crazy, it is not a simple setup for sure. Especially since the world is App based.

Why don’t you make life easier for your customers by using Mango Display, a smart mirror platform that runs on an Amazon Fire TV stick. Simply use an Amazon Fire TV stick instead of the Raspberry Pi. Easy for customers, no software headaches for you, more sales for you.

No configuration needed from your side. Your users will simply setup the Fire TV using the remote, download the Mango Display App from the amazon app store, and configure the widgets and layout themselves. Thats it! 

Cost to you? zero. in fact you will save on costs. A Raspberry Pi with SD card, case, power supply, heatsink, etc. is more expensive than a Fire TV stick.

In addition your users can also use the Alexa app to schedule the mirror display or even use a Motion Sensor.

How do we benefit? While most basic widgets used in a smart mirror are free like clock, weather, news and quotes we do have a paid subscription for additional widgets. Your customers can decide if they want to subscribe to it, and you can add it to your marketing accordingly. Here is our current Pricing plans.

You don’t need to request any special permission to use our platform, simply use the words ‘Works with Mango Display’ in your marketing, and provide customers with the three simple steps below.

Customer setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your Fire TV from the Amazon App Store and Open it. It will provide you with a display device code.

Step 2

On your phone, tablet or computer. Log in at Click ‘Add new display’. Select the Fire TV display device type. Enter name and device code. Choose widgets and configure your display layout.

Step 3

Done! Leave Mango Display App running on your Fire TV device. You can schedule your Fire TV and Mango Display time using Alexa routines.

So you can build beautiful smart mirrors based on your customer needs and we will provide the easy to use software that is simple, supported and will have more features added to it all the time. A win for you (physical product, sell at your price) , and win for us (more free users, and paid subscribers), and a win for your customer (simple, easy, secure, reliable).

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