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In today’s world a custom calendar can no longer be just made of printed paper. Why? Because you need to set up your whole year in advance, choose the photos, set the events, upload everything once, make sure you don’t misspell any custom event.

Seriously, are our lives ever static like that? Of course not. Our busy family lives are dynamic and ever changing, and we need a custom calendar that can reflect that change in an instant.

This is why we recommend using a custom digital calendar display for your home or office. One that you can customize at any time and constantly updates to reflect the changes your daily life. A custom calendar that can display your photos as backgrounds or display photos on specific dates like birthdays and vacations. Automatically integrates with your existing Google calendar to display updated events so you and your family are always aware of the busy and fun events of their lives to cherish everyday. In addition you can also customize it with weather, news headlines, positive quotes and more. Now this is truly a custom calendar built for you!

Lets get started:

What you need: Any Android or Amazon Fire Tablet , or use your web browser. (Note: you can also use Fire TV if you want to use a larger screen)
Optional: Use the PadTab 2 damage-free stick-on mount to hang your custom Fridge or custom wall calendar. Or use a tablet stand if you want a custom desk calendar.

Download the Mango Display App from the  Google Play Store or Amazon app store on your Tablet or Fire TV.

Go to
Register and login. Click on ‘Add new display’, and select your display from one of the two options (see image below). If you choose ‘Mango Display Android App’ please open the Mango Display App on your Android display device, it will present you with a device code that you will need to set it up.

Attach photos or gifs to your calendar events for those extra special days like birthdays, anniversaries or vacations and enjoy the anticipation in your families eyes as they count down to those special days. Create a custom photo calendar that can be updated instantly.

You can also configure and customize your calendar they way you want it. From current month, 1-12 week views, current-week schedule or an upcoming event list, we have a customized calendar view that works for you. Here are a few samples of how you could customize your calendar. But you are only limited by your imagination, create a digital custom calendar exactly they way you want it and you and your family will be amazed at how quickly it will become an integral part of your daily lives.

Customize your calendar with images and GIFs for those special days
Sample screenshots of a custom calendar display.
Add your Apple or Google Photos along with monthly calendar, weather and clock.
Scrolling calendar list view on Apple iCloud photo background, with quotes, time and weather forecast.
A schedule view on a time grid so you know exactly which event and how long.
A monthly view of all your events colour coded so you know exactly whose event it is.
A two week view of upcoming events.

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