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Keeping the family on the same schedule can be difficult. Most moms use a dry erase family calendar or similar to try to keep everyone informed. Like this one below.

It is a pain to keep the dry erase calendar updated.

But the biggest issue is keeping this planner board updated. It needs to be manually maintained and in many cases events get updated, moved or deleted, because we all lead very busy and active lives. And in most cases you are just copying over events from the family google calendar onto this whiteboard so that the kids and the entire family can see it. It’s a pain to keep it updated!

Thankfully, there are digital tools that can help even the largest families stay organized. And with Mango Display you can turn any tablet, TV or screen into a digital calendar display for school schedules, play dates, sports practice, dance classes, music lessons, tutoring time, birthday parties and more. Mango Display can also display photos on your calendar on the dates of important events for you and your family – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Holidays, upcoming weddings, graduations, vacations and more. Automatically syncs with your Google calendar to display events.

Never miss an event, and keep everyone in the family organized and on schedule. Use your existing google calendar to manage your events as you normally do. And have your calendar displayed on any Android Tablet, Amazon Tablet or large screen with Fire TV. Get it off your phone and into your home.

Busy moms who want to get organized need to have the best family calendar display in place. Remember the paper wall calendars we all used to have on our walls when schedules where light 🙂 . There is no way those can work with our busy family schedules today. Mango Display allows you to have the same display – but digital, which means it integrates with the calendars you already use on your phone, tablets or computers and displays the events on a family digital screen, a digital family calendar that the whole family can see and enjoy.

I got so tired of writing down events and keeping the dry erase calendar board updated. With Mango Display our calendar is always up to date. I love it.

Jane (a very satisfied mango display convert)

With the photo events option you can even get the kids excited by seeing their photos on their upcoming birthdays, or vacation images for your upcoming family vacation. It keeps the family excited and looking forward to events that are a cause for family celebration. Having it displayed on the wall, desk or counter instead of stuck in your phones is a major benefit for all members of the family, especially the kids.

The best calendar is one that brings the family together, and a Mango Display digital calendar does just that. Because not only do you get a calendar for your family, but you can also display photos from your google or Apple photo albums, add current weather and forecasts, quotes, news headlines and family notes. Keep your family organized with our digital calendar display, get started and see it in action in under 5 minutes.

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