The Top 5 Benefits of Personal Digital Signage (in 2022)

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These days digital signage is everywhere, from airports and malls to conference centres, corporate offices, and transit terminals. For the longest time, digital signage was cost-prohibitive to the general public and was mostly used commercially, but times have changed.

In recent years, personal digital signage has become much more affordable, and the list of practical applications for home use has continued to grow. In this brief article, we will go over what digital signage is and the many benefits of using personal digital signage in your home. 

What is personal digital signage?

Digital signage refers to any sort of electronic sign used to convey information. Think of LED walls, the screens at the airport showing flight times, the map of stores at the mall, or any LED or LCD screen displaying a website, advertisement, or other information. Basically, if you need to communicate something to people passing by, your best bet is going to be digital signage in one form or another. 

So, what is personal digital signage? Well, a personal digital sign would be digital signage used at home to display valuable information to yourself and your family. There are a ton of reasons for why you might want to set up a digital sign at home.

Let’s go over the top five use cases and benefits of personal digital signage so that you can better understand the many ways it can help make your life easier. 

The top 5 benefits of having personal digital signage in 2022

Keep in mind that the list of things you can do with digital signage continues to grow every day, but here are some of the most apparent benefits that you can start enjoying right away when you set up a digital sign at home. 

1. You’ll never forget an important event

When you set up a digital sign in your home, you’ll be able to import and sync your Google Calendar data, so any important appointments, dates, birthdays, or other events will be hard to forget; this is also great for reminding your kids or other family members about upcoming commitments. 

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2. You’ll be able to improve your health

Personal digital signs integrate seamlessly with health apps, such as Fitbit, for example, this will allow you to track your steps throughout the day, monitor your sleep and calorie intake, and otherwise be more mindful of your fitness. By seeing a digital sign each morning with yesterday’s results, you can keep a close eye on your performance and stay on track towards reaching your goals. 

3. You’ll never get surprised by the weather

Digital signs update in near-real-time, so when the weather suddenly changes, you’ll know about it right away. It may look nice and sunny outside, but if your digital sign says it’s going to rain in a few hours, you’ll know to head out with an umbrella; this way, you can avoid any unexpected surprises and have fewer “rainy days.”

4. You’ll always be up-to-date on the latest news

Pairing your digital sign with a news app will allow you to display the top news bulletins of the day. Ideally, when you wake up, you want to be able to glance at your sign and see everything you need to know about the day. If any breaking news appeared while you were sleeping, you’d know about it straight away when you glance at your digital sign. 

5. You’ll be able to leave personalized notes for family members

You can set your digital sign to display whatever sort of text, images, videos, or other media you desire. By leaving a message on your digital sign, family members will be able to check it each morning and won’t miss any important messages that might otherwise get lost in a pile of text messages or emails. 

How to set up personal digital signage

The days of having to spend thousands or much more on digital signage are over. Sure, if you have a sports stadium, you may need to invest a bit more money, but the average consumer can now turn any device into a personal digital sign with Mango Display

With Mango Display, you can choose your own display, whether it’s a Fire TV, Android Tablet, or a Macbook; pretty much any device that can download and run apps can run Mango Display and voila! You’ve got your very own personal digital sign. 

On top of all that, you can even connect and manage multiple displays from within the app. Being able to control all of your display devices in one place is super handy, and Mango Displays’ intuitive UI and numerous customization features make it easy to set up, program, and operate from day one. 


Nowadays, most people have multiple digital devices; smartphones, computers, tablets, and other such devices can be used to find all of the day’s important information. The benefit of having a personal digital sign at home is that you won’t have to spend the time looking for that information; it will be there for you whenever you need it. 

Companies like Mango Display have made it easy for anyone to set up a next-generation digital sign at home, and by doing so, you can benefit tremendously. Not only will you be able to track important appointments and events, but you’ll also be able to improve your health, keep an eye on the weather, learn about breaking news, and leave fully custom messages and notes for yourself, your family, and friends. 

As the technology continues to advance, there will be even more ways to use your personal digital signage, and so right now really is the best time to get started with what is sure to be a mainstay in the busy homes of tomorrow.

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