The Best Wall Calendar for 2023

We’ve all hung up that printed calendar on the wall with the very best intentions at the beginning of the year. This year I will be so organized, you congratulate yourself! Plus, you will have a cute photo of an animal or a serene landscape to stare at all month long. And perhaps you will take the time to list some important milestones, but after a few weeks you will start forgetting to update it, and before you know it, the calendar is displaying the wrong month all together. 

Or perhaps you’ve tried using the calendar on your phone or computer or even a Google calendar, but there’s always the chance that it will fail to sync properly and setting up a shared calendar with your family members or colleagues can be a pain. A much easier solution is to download an app, such as Mango Display, that allows you to turn any screen in your house into a digital wall calendar. You can use it to easily organize your personal, family, or business schedules. 

A Mango Display digital wall calendar seamlessly connects to your existing accounts—including Google, Microsoft, or Apple iCloud calendars—and automatically updates events in real time. You can even use Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to add events. The app can easily be set up on your Smart TV or Amazon Fire TV, iPad or Android/Fire Tablet, or Mac or PC to use as your display—essentially any type of screen! It’s extremely easy to set up and takes a matter of minutes.

Busy families can greatly benefit from using a digital wall calendar in 2023 for a variety of reasons. Now that things are returning to normal, the kids will have so many different after-school activities, and sometimes it feels like there is something almost every evening of the week!  A digital calendar is a constant reminder of where everyone is supposed to be at a given time, so your kids will stop constantly asking you when something is supposed to happen. And you won’t have to worry that you’ll be that parent that forgot what time you were supposed to pick your kid up!

Another way that a digital wall calendar can be useful for a family is that it’s a great way to meal plan. You can figure out what you are cooking each night of the week and list it on the calendar, so there’s no scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner and if you have groceries you need. It’s also a great way to keep up with chore schedules. Assign different tasks to each member of the household and it’s easy to reference what needs to be done each day. Imagine your house always being clean!

If you happen to work in a job outside of the regular 9-3, a digital wall calendar is an excellent way to keep track of different day schedules. This will help make it easier to plan around family time or other events in your life. Plus, it takes a lot of brain power to try to memorize your schedule! With a digital wall calendar, you will no longer have to.

Small business owners will benefit greatly from having a digital wall calendar for 2023. You can keep track of all your meetings and appointments in one place, not just for you but also your staff. This saves the need for pesky calendar invites and will cut down on the volume of in-house emails. It will also help you keep track of travel, vacation time, and important industry events. Imagine how much more streamlined your business would be with that kind of overview. 

Digital wall calendars are important for setting and reaching your goals for 2023. Break your goal down into smaller, attainable goals, and place milestones on your calendar to remind you. You can even stream photos to the Mango Display to help inspire you and keep you focused. Stop saying that you want to do X, Y, and Z; set a schedule for yourself and stick to it with the help of your digital wall calendar. Regular reminders will help you stay on track. 

You can also add other features to your digital wall calendar to help you prepare for the day, such as a clock, the weather forecast, headline news, and notes. It is entirely personalize-able. With one glance, you can know your schedule, how you should dress, and what’s going on in the world before you ever leave the house. 

What is the ideal set up for a digital wall calendar? One idea is to specify a tablet to be the display; you could attach a magnet to fix it to the fridge, or wall mount it near the front door. It should be located in a place that is convenient for everyone using it, and in a highly visible location. A large screen computer monitor is also a great option, as well as your living room TV. 

It’s pretty obvious that there are many ways a digital wall calendar can make your life easier and more productive. Users find it greatly reduces the stress in their life because they can look ahead at their day, week or month and know exactly what to expect and what they need to do to be prepared. It sets you up for success. Don’t forget to plan in time for fun though! Schedule in moments for self-care, time with a loved one, or a small get away. You deserve to reward yourself for staying on task to work to meet your goals. 

It just takes a few minutes and get a Mango Display digital calendar. It’s extremely easy to set up and personalize. All it takes is getting started to put yourself on a path towards leading a more rewarding, productive, and lower stress life in which you can meet your personal and professional goals. There is no time like the present!

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