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When you’re a parent on the go, and you’re trying to corral the kids from one event to the next, you need some structure. 

You’ve probably tried the traditional paper wall calendar with cute pictures of puppies or kittens to keep the family aware of events. But it’s so easy for events to slip through the cracks if you add them to your phone calendar and not the paper calendar. 

And it’s not like you can ditch the wall calendar altogether because it’s especially important for smaller kids to know what events are when. And if you have kids learning how to read, the calendar provides a fantastic learning opportunity for figuring out the days of the week and everyone’s daily schedule.

But like we said, wall calendars are hard to update.

You’re already busy, and you don’t always have the time to copy the information from your phone’s calendar app to your wall calendar. And sometimes there’s not enough space in the day’s little box for everything you have going on. 

We know you’re supermom or superdad, but when you’re juggling playdates, sports, recitals, PTA meetings, business events, and doctor’s appointments, something’s bound to get left off the wall calendar. 

And when you write an event down on the paper calendar in pen, and the event gets rescheduled, it can push you to your breaking point.

Some parents have resorted to printing out their cloud-based calendars to hang on the fridge. But schedules change frequently, so the printed calendars can become obsolete quickly, and that’s a serious waste of paper.

The Solution: A Digital Wall Calendar

Instead of a traditional wall calendar that requires you to write everything in a small 1” cube, you can upgrade to a digital wall calendar that enables you to customize your layout so you can see your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

With Mango Display, you can transform any tablet, TV, or monitor into your family’s connected calendar. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice the cute pictures of puppies or kittens that everyone loves. 

Connect your Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar or Apple Calendar to Mango Display and you have a wall calendar that updates in real-time.

And because you’re a parent on the go, you don’t have to waste a ton of time to get everything set up. Your Mango Display can be ready to use in under ten minutes. It’s like magic. 

Digital calendar with custom photo events

Your calendar will be completely customizable, so you can add notes for other family members. You can even add photos or GIFs to highlight extra special days. It’s more than a calendar—it’s an electronic bulletin board. Have everything you need to know for the day in one place, from inspirational quotes to the weather forecast to essential reminders.

You won’t have to worry about missing an event ever again, and your kids will be able to take one look at the family calendar and know exactly what they’ve got going on in their day. Your whole family will enjoy your Mango Display so much that you’ll want to schedule just about everything you want to do, from game nights to grandparent visits.

You can even make it a family project to choose the pictures and layouts for each day, week, or month. 

Most importantly, it’ll be easier than ever to keep the whole family in sync.

You can keep your calendar on a small 7” tablet, or you can add the app to a 42” TV. You can set your Mango Display on a timer, motion-activated, or voice-activated. Whatever works best for your family and your home.

In the end, you’ll be a happy parent because your life will be infinitely easier. Keep your family organized using the Mango Display Digital Wall Calendar.

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