How to stay connected with a parent who has Dementia or Alzheimer’s

When a loved one is struggling with memory loss, it can be difficult to feel connected. The early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s are particularly painful as daily tasks become more of a challenge. As someone who cares for them, you might visit regularly, call often, or even set up video chats with extended family. You want to do what you can to make life easier for them.

Mango Display App can help.

Our digital clock and calendar display is an essential tool you can use to keep your loved one oriented. It’s more than just time-keeping and scheduling reminders. Unlike other products for dementia and Alzheimer’s, Mango Display lets you share photos, send personal notes, and set up reminders that are accessible from any screen in any room. 

Digital Clock Face

widget can be resized to make the fonts as large as needed

Keeping time is simple with Mango Display’s digital clock face. Your loved one can check the day, month, date, time, and time of day with no abbreviated words. We use high-contrast text that is bright and clear to read across the room. 

Daylight Saving Time is automatically adjusted for you. And if it’s helpful for the display to be turned off at specific times, you can schedule that via Alexa routines, too. 


Everything needed to dress and prepare appropriately for the weather is ready at a glance. The current weather is displayed with colorful icons that clearly communicate the weather outside. So if you want to send a quick text reminder to grab an umbrella before their walk or to pick out a thicker coat, it’s clear why.

Mango Display also shows future weather forecasting. The upcoming 24-hour weather is available as well as a 5-day weather forecast.  


Viewing pictures is one of the strongest ways a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s feels connected to loved ones. Collaborate with family and friends to create an online photo album on Apple or Google Photo albums that you can have on display. Update your album to include birthday parties, holiday gatherings, anything that you feel helps them connect with family. 

Alternately, you can use our backgrounds as calming digital art. Depending on their living arrangement, it may not be possible to go outdoors often or bring plants inside. We have beautiful nature scenes that are pleasant to look at and bring some of the great outdoors in.

Personal Notes

Notes can be updated remotely from your phone

Sending a personal note through the Mango Display app is a feature we’re proud to offer. Notes can be added or changed at any time through the app on your phone or tablet. Our users like to send notes to remind their loved ones of birthdays, anniversaries, and other family news. Some find it helpful to remind them of something about themselves or their favorite memories. 

Notes can fill the gap when using a phone is no longer an option. Whether it’s to remind them of a lunch date or just a quick “I love you”, you will always have a way to reach out.


Positive words have a proven influence on mood. Share uplifting and inspirational quotes for your loved one to see every day. Keep them motivated throughout the day with old favorites or new finds. 


Routines are important for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Support your loved one by adding reminders that help them stay on track. Taking pills, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and even walks – anything that is essential for having a successful day. Upcoming reminders and calendar events are automatically displayed. They will have a helpful head up on what their day is going to look like. 

Plan on stopping by? Reminders may alleviate the stress of a seemingly unexpected visitor. If they have one, get their care team involved. That way, no visitors or appointments slip through the cracks. 

Don’t take it from us…here’s what some of our users say.

“When compared to the Day Clock I used before, this display with all the additional options is much much better. I love it.” – Barbara, Ontario

“My daughter set this up for me using her iPhone and I don’t need to do anything else after that. Bright and clear display that can be seen from across the room. I check it often.” – Yvette, California

“My mum loves Mango Display. I installed it on an Amazon Fire 8 tablet. The fact that I can update the photos, events, notes, and more remotely is a game changer!” – Kate, UK

Connect with Mango Display

Setup takes less than two minutes, and you can manage everything from the convenience of your phone or tablet. Just download the app on the Google Play store here or the Amazon app store here. Any device will work, but we recommend an Amazon Fire tablet. 7”, 8”, or 10” screen choices are available. Tablet stands securely hold and display the tablet in portrait or landscape mode. 

Widgets can be placed on one or more screens and can be rotated on a timed system. Need to resize a tile? Everything can be managed remotely – reminders, photos, events, notes, etc. All you need is a wi-fi connection. 

Get started now!

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