The Best Online Digital Planner for 2022 and beyond

Whether you’re a student, a working parent, or simply lead a busy life, you need a planner. Maybe you even consider yourself a “planner person,” but you forget to update that planner every now and then.

Although many people enjoy the convenience of having their scheduled synced to an app on their phone, some still enjoy having their schedule or to-do list written out in front of them. 

If you use a traditional journal planner, you’ve likely left it sitting alone in a musty corner (or backpack) for a week. Or a month. Or a few months. 

If you tried the whiteboard calendar, you might be haunted by the ghost of the dried ink trying to tell you that it’s April when it’s really October. 

Either option isn’t the most sustainable for staying updated, especially if you’re already using your phone to log events.

The good news is that there’s a way to have a calendar display that automatically updates when you update your phone’s calendar app.

Digital calendar

This magic is called Mango Display, and it’s your best option for a digital planner for 2022. (And you can even get started now!)

Never Miss an Event Again

If you’re a student, it’s essential to keep track of all your course deadlines while juggling your social life. 

If you’re a parent, it’s crucial to know when you’re needed in the office and when your kids need to be at basketball practice. 

Mango Display takes advantage of the fact that you already have a calendar on your phone and helps you create a display to reflect the events you already have logged. You’ll have your planner with you everywhere you go since it’s all in the app, and when you’re at home, you’ll have a gorgeous display to reference. 

If you use Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa to add events to your digital calendar, don’t worry. As long as it’s on your phone’s calendar, it’ll be on your Mango Display.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to update your planner if an event gets changed. Once you update it on your phone, your planner will automatically adjust too. 

You can choose a weekly or monthly view, and you can have your calendar on a device as small as a tablet or as large as a smart TV. As long as it can be plugged in and connected to WiFi, you’re good to go!

Make It Yours

The best part of a digital planner is that you can tailor it to what you’re interested in at the moment. Mango Display is fully customizable—you can pick your background and theme, add your own photos, and create your layout with various widgets.

Not only can your calendar tell you what you have planned for the day, but it can also give you reminders, show you an inspirational quote, exhibit the weather forecast, and provide news headlines. You can even hook up your Twitter account to see your Twitter feed. 

If you use an iPhone, you can connect your Apple Health account to track your sleep, weight, nutrition, activity, and vitals.

And to make it even more fun, you can add photos or GIFs to highlight special or important dates. If you’re using your display as a family calendar, you can use emojis or colors to identify who the event is for.

In short, Mango Display does it all.

Get Set Up in Less than 5 Minutes

Getting everything ready to go only takes you less than 5 minutes total.

You can display it in the kitchen, mounted above a desk, or in the living room.

You can also configure your display to turn on at specific times or make your calendar motion-activated if you have an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Tablet

Upgrade Your Planner and Make the Switch to Mango Display 

Instead of going back to old habits, give Mango Display a chance for 30 days for free. You don’t have to have your permanent device right away; you can set it up on a web browser during your trial period. 

We believe that planning should be simple. But life gets in the way, and often it can become overly complicated. We hope to take some of the unnecessary complications out of the way so you can make the most of your days. 

Once you start using Mango Display, it’ll be tough to remember how you ever got through life without it. 

If you’re ready to take your planner game to the next level in time for 2022, let’s get started.

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