The Best Wall Calendar for 2022 is a Digital Wall Calendar

As we approach the end of 2021 and move into the holiday season, you’ll probably start seeing paper wall calendars pop up in stores. You’ll think to yourself, “this year will be different—we’ll actually use the calendar!” Then you’ll spend fifteen minutes deciding whether you want the one with chunky bears or fluffy baby animals in baskets. 

And by March 2022, the wall calendar will be all but abandoned. 

When you have a busy schedule, it’s hard enough to keep your planner updated. But trying to juggle everyone’s agenda on a wall calendar where you have to write everything out? Forget about it. 

Since we’re all attached to our cell phones, you probably use a calendar app to keep track of things. But you don’t want to have to pull out your phone every time your kid asks what time they have a cello lesson on Friday. 

You need a happy medium between digital calendars that you can update instantly and wall calendars that the whole family can easily access.

Your 2022 Wall Calendar Should Be a Digital Calendar

Thankfully, a happy medium exists.

With a digital calendar display, you can sync up your digital wall calendar to your phone’s calendar app, so all of your events are instantly added to the family calendar. 

Digital calendar displays enable you to keep your personal, family, and business schedules in sync so that you always know who needs to be where and at what time. Nothing will fall through the cracks, and your kids will know where to look to find out when something is scheduled.

Make It a Family Project

The fun thing about digital displays is that you can customize the background however you want. Your family members can take turns deciding what the background image will be—whether it’s a silly picture of a dog or a photo from your last family vacation. 

You can work together to customize the widgets and the layout of the display. You can add images or GIFs to special days in the monthly view of your calendar, use colors or emojis to identify who the event is for, and choose inspirational quotes to motivate the rest of the family.

A digital calendar display also enables you to leave notes for each other. You can remind your kid that they have to complete a chore or wish them luck on a test. You can tell your spouse that you love them. You can even leave a reminder to yourself to grab butter at the supermarket. 

Keep Everything in One Place

A digital calendar display is more than just a calendar. Your digital display can also tell you the time and the weather forecast.

The best digital calendar apps create a centralized way to keep everyone on top of things. You can add events with Google, Microsoft, and Apple calendars or tell Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to add an event to a calendar.

Once it’s on your digital calendar, it’ll be on your wall calendar as well! Anyone can add events to the calendar as long as they have access to one of the connected devices.

Make Changes with Ease

One of the most annoying things with traditional wall calendars is that it often looks sloppy or unclear when you have to change an event. Especially if you write something down in pen, you either have to scribble out or white out the information. Or maybe you simply change the event on your phone and forget to change it on the wall calendar.

Digital calendars make it easy to change events because all you have to do is reschedule the event on your phone, and your calendar will automatically update. This way, there are no discrepancies in case of a time or date change, and no one will be confused when trying to figure out when something is.

Why Mango Display Should be Your Wall Calendar for 2022

Mango Display makes it easy for you to keep all of your appointments in one place so you can keep making the most of your day.

You can have your personalized calendar synced and ready to go in under two minutes. (Although you’ll probably want to take some time to mess around with all of the different style features.)

With Mango Display, you can use something small (like a tablet) or something large (like a smart TV) to showcase your calendar. If you go the tablet route, you can pick a place to display it where it’s easily accessible, can stay plugged in, and can connect to WiFi.

Don’t waste your money on another paper calendar that you’ll stop using after a few months. Get Mango Display and have a functional family calendar year-round.

Let’s get started.

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