Three Must-Haves for Your Family Wall Calendar 

Having shared responsibilities in your family can be exciting and an efficient method of bonding and relieving stress. You can easily stay connected while being updated about events in the lives of your loved ones.

However, as the family begins to increase in size and children start coming into the equation, responsibilities begin to increase. It is at this point that the likelihood of mistakes being made and responsibilities getting jumbled up increases. This is when the family wall calendar comes in handy.

A solid family wall calendar will ensure that each member keeps proper track of his or her commitments and can efficiently manage them at the appropriate time.

What Is a Family Wall Calendar?

This is a calendar that is kept in a place that is accessible by all members of the family anywhere, anytime. This calendar organizes everyone’s schedules and planned activities for the day, week, and month. This way, missing important dates and appointments becomes almost impossible. 

Why Use a Family Calendar?

Staying connected and committed to the family is very important. One way to show proper commitment is to have responsibilities and properly execute them. This means that you do not forget your duties, and you are able to perform them in time. 

Here are some of the benefits of owning a family wall planner;


The minutes that could have been spent trying to figure out who is in charge of what daily can easily be saved when you use a wall calendar. From the planning, everyone already knows who is in charge of what and can confirm this by looking into the calendar. 


Everyone in the family has access to the family wall calendar, so there is transparency in activities going on in the home. There are no assumptions and false imaginations that can easily lead to fracas in the home. 

Simplifies Plans:

For instance, if you look at the calendar and see that Friday night is less busy for everyone, you can easily fix in a movie night for the family. Also, you can see who is available at a certain time to assist you with other needs. A family wall calendar simplifies the planning process. 

What Type of Calendar Works Best for Your Family?

Wall calendars come in different types, including the paper wall calendar, whiteboard wall calendar, and digital family calendar. Each of these calendars has its pros and cons. To choose the most suitable calendar for your family, you might need to consider the pros and cons of the various types of family calendars. 

For instance, while a whiteboard wall calendar is easy to view together as a group and edits can be easily made to it by wiping off and rewriting events, the information wiped off cannot be easily regained. This means that this is not the best option for long-term planning that requires instant reviews. If this is the kind of planning that your family requires, then this is not the best calendar for your family. 

Use Mango Display for Your Family Calendar

Having a printed wall calendar is good but requires constant work to stay updated. A google calendar can be easily updated, but it does not stay updated for the family. However, with a Mango display calendar, you can use any screen and have both a displayed and an updated calendar. 

The Mango Display calendar has several features that make it beneficial to a family. Here are three notable benefits;

1. It Connects to Google, Microsoft, and Apple Calendar

If you have an existing Google, Microsoft, or Apple calendar, the Mango display picks it and displays it. If you have scheduled a reminder with Siri, this reminder will be automatically added to your Mango display calendar.

2. A Digital Display That Updates Automatically

All your changes to the calendars are automagically reflected on Mango Display. No refresh needed!

3. Adding Important Family Notes

From the comfort of your space, you can easily add important notes for the family, and it will be automatically displayed for all to see. Keep them informed about what is going on; include an urgent chore and assign it to someone or add a joke or a love note for the family. Whatever you need to do can easily be done with the Mango display calendar.

The Mango Display is very easy to set up and will not take you more than 5 minutes. You can add a lot of personal touches by including your own themes, colors, and personal or family photos. This is one family calendar app that will keep your family connected.

Ready to get your busy family organized and keep your family within a practical schedule? Get the Mango Display Digital Calendar Display now.

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