Why Digital Wall Calendars are Better than Bulletin Boards

Digital wall calendars are becoming increasingly popular among families looking to organize and manage their busy schedules. Bulletin boards have traditionally been a popular way to display family plans and reminders, but digital wall calendars have several advantages that make it a better choice. They are more practical, accessible, customizable, and cheaper than bulletin boards, making them an excellent choice for modern families looking to streamline their organizational system. Explore why calendars are better than bulletin boards and how they can help families stay organized and manage their busy lives.  


Digital wall displays offer a level of convenience that traditional bulletin boards simply cannot match. A digital wall calendar makes it easy to update and manage your schedule. Add or edit events with just a few clicks, and changes are instantly reflected on all your calendar-connected devices. In contrast, bulletin boards require physical updates, are time consuming and often overlooked. Plus, digital wall calendars are accessible from anywhere, allowing families to review and update their calendars on the go. With its ease of use and real-time updates, digital wall displays offer a level of convenience that helps families stay organized and save time. 


Digital wall calendars are more accessible than bulletin boards because they can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. They allow families to see schedules, make updates, and receive reminders on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. In contrast, bulletin boards can only be accessed when family members are physically in front of them, making it difficult for family members who are not in the same location to stay up-to-date. Digital wall displays help families stay connected and informed from anywhere and on any device, making it easier to coordinate and plan busy schedules. 


One of the biggest advantages digital wall calendars have over bulletin boards is the level of customization they offer. Digital wall displays allow families to choose from a variety of display options, including different color schemes, fonts and layouts, to create a calendar that reflects their unique style and preferences. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to add custom events, set reminders, and share real-time information with your family. This level of customization is simply not possible with traditional bulletin boards, which are limited in design and functionality. Digital wall calendars allow families to create a personalized organizational system that meets specific needs and helps manage busy schedules. 


Bulletin boards require paper, pins, and ink to maintain, whereas digital wall calendars are much cheaper to set up and maintain. Plus, the digital wall calendar is accessible from any device, so you don’t have to print out your appointments and reminders. By using a digital wall display, families can save on supplies and reduce their environmental impact by reducing paper waste. Overall, digital wall calendars are an affordable way for families to stay organized and keep track of their schedules. 
Mango Display is a great digital wall display for families due to its user-friendly interface, versatility, and ability to sync with various calendar services such as Google and Microsoft. It offers customizable views so families can see their schedule in a format that works best for them. Additionally, Mango Display can display photos, videos and weather information to add a personalized touch to your family’s calendar. With the ability to sync across multiple devices, any updates made to the calendar are instantly reflected on all devices, ensuring your family has access to the most up-to-date information. Mango Display is also affordable and offers flexible pricing plans, making it affordable for families on a budget. Overall, Mango Display’s features and affordability make it a great digital wall calendar for families looking to stay organized and connected.

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