Magic Mirror App for Smart Mirror

What is Magic Mirror App? Is there a smartphone App for making a Magic Mirror? Mango Mirror is a Magic Mirror App that lets you setup, configure and control you Magic Mirror from your smart phone or computer. Mango Mirror App is available for users on the Apple App Store for iOS users or onContinue reading “Magic Mirror App for Smart Mirror”

What is a digital Calendar? Get one in under 5 minutes.

A digital calendar is a calendar that can look very similar to a paper wall calendar but one that uses a screen (tablet, tv, monitor) to automatically display your events and updates with no manual intervention needed. It can look exactly like this one below. Your events from your online calendars like Google calendar orContinue reading “What is a digital Calendar? Get one in under 5 minutes.”

DIY Smart Mirror: Build a magic mirror in 10 minutes

We will provide you with step-by-step instructions, video and details to build your smart magic mirror in under 10 minutes flat. While there are many smart magic mirrors built using Raspberry Pi. We recommend using and Android tablet instead. There are many reasons for this, you can read the details in our our Raspberry PiContinue reading “DIY Smart Mirror: Build a magic mirror in 10 minutes”

Using Android for your Smart Mirror, is the future.

For the past few years the Raspberry Pi has been the number one option for building smart mirrors. However it was always too cumbersome to make one. First of all the Raspberry Pi comes with out a case, you need a separate monitor that makes it heavy, requiring a heavy duty frame, power cables goingContinue reading “Using Android for your Smart Mirror, is the future.”

Keeping the family organized during quarantine with a digital calendar

We don’t have to tell you about the fist half of 2020. Our worlds turned upside down with the impact of Coronavirus. It impacted you and your family, no matter where in the globe you are. During the quarantine we noticed that we had a significant jump in users of our software. And they wereContinue reading “Keeping the family organized during quarantine with a digital calendar”

Why Use a Digital Calendar Display

Where are you going? It can be difficult to keep track of who is going where and when? The world is going digital, but families are busier than ever. The good part is that everyone can keep track of where they are going easier than years past.  Here is how to make sure you areContinue reading “Why Use a Digital Calendar Display”

My mom never worried anymore

Often times when you build a product, you can never imagine how it can change people’s lives. When we started Mango Display, we wanted to build a product that would be the best digital wall calendar display, personal health and fitness dashboard that works with fitbit and Apple health. We also added in additional widgetsContinue reading “My mom never worried anymore”

A Digital Photo Frame App

Do you have thousands of family photos and precious memories stored on your phone. Stuck forever in there, almost never to be seen again. It’s such a shame. True, there are memory card storage digital photo frames, but that means that you have to manually move photos from your iPhone to the card. And whoContinue reading “A Digital Photo Frame App”

Why Mango Display is so much better than DayClox for seniors.

A day clock App for the elderly. Remotely set font sizes, add photos (from iCloud or Google Photos), notes, weather, reminders. Automatic DST adjustment.