Three Must-Haves for Your Family Wall Calendar 

Having shared responsibilities in your family can be exciting and an efficient method of bonding and relieving stress. You can easily stay connected while being updated about events in the lives of your loved ones. However, as the family begins to increase in size and children start coming into the equation, responsibilities begin to increase.Continue reading “Three Must-Haves for Your Family Wall Calendar “

The Best Digital Planner for 2023

Whether you’re a student, a working parent, or simply lead a busy life, you need a planner. Maybe you even consider yourself a “planner person,” but you forget to update that planner every now and then. Although many people enjoy the convenience of having their scheduled synced to an app on their phone, some stillContinue reading “The Best Digital Planner for 2023”

Kohler’s attempt at a smart mirror falls short

Kohler, a behemoth in the Bathroom industry released the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, smart mirror at CES 2018. This mirror is being marketed as their first ‘smart mirror’, here is their pitch: Enjoy a new level of convenience in your bathroom with the Verdera Voice lighted mirror with KOHLER Konnect. Using built-in voice assistant technology, effortlessly control your idealContinue reading “Kohler’s attempt at a smart mirror falls short”