The Best Wall Calendar for 2023

We’ve all hung up that printed calendar on the wall with the very best intentions at the beginning of the year. This year I will be so organized, you congratulate yourself! Plus, you will have a cute photo of an animal or a serene landscape to stare at all month long. And perhaps you willContinue reading “The Best Wall Calendar for 2023”

Get your Microsoft Outlook Calendar on the wall using a tablet or large screen monitor or TV

How do I show my Microsoft Outlook calendar on my wall? This is a common question we get from our visitors to our website. You might want to do the same to share a family calendar so everyone in the family can stay organized with upcoming events. Or even use it for a business displayContinue reading “Get your Microsoft Outlook Calendar on the wall using a tablet or large screen monitor or TV”

The 3 Different Types of Wall Calendars and their Pros and Cons

Whether you need to mark an important appointment or jot down a quick reminder to wish your friend a happy birthday, most people use scheduling tools like calendars to help simplify their lives, get organized, and reach their goals.  When considering a calendar, a lot of people still have an image of those old flipbookContinue reading “The 3 Different Types of Wall Calendars and their Pros and Cons”

DIY Digital Family Wall Calendar

Sometimes the best post on how to use Mango Display, comes from our users. This link below is an amazing post written by Jessica on how the Mango Display digital calendar is used to help keep her family organized. This post will inspire you to get organized and simplify your family schedules, so that noContinue reading “DIY Digital Family Wall Calendar”

A Family Calendar Planner Display

Keeping the family on the same schedule can be difficult. Most moms use a dry erase family calendar or similar to try to keep everyone informed. Like this one below. But the biggest issue is keeping this planner board updated. It needs to be manually maintained and in many cases events get updated, moved orContinue reading “A Family Calendar Planner Display”

Make a Custom Calendar in 10 minutes

In today’s world a custom calendar can no longer be just made of printed paper. Why? Because you need to set up your whole year in advance, choose the photos, set the events, upload everything once, make sure you don’t misspell any custom event. Seriously, are our lives ever static like that? Of course not.Continue reading “Make a Custom Calendar in 10 minutes”

A Shift Calendar Display for your wall

So many of us who work in retail, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, factories and other industries work in shifts. Not regular 9-5 work weekdays, but shifts that are rotating on different day schedules and time frames. Keeping track of your planned shifts, especially when it comes to planning family events and activities with your family orContinue reading “A Shift Calendar Display for your wall”

The Wall Calendar is Dead. Long live the Wall Calendar!

R.I.P paper wall calendar. You were good for decades – showing us upcoming holidays, events and dates that were important to the family. You were given the prime wall space in our homes- in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Mom and dad would update your date squares every so often with an event orContinue reading “The Wall Calendar is Dead. Long live the Wall Calendar!”

Turn your wall calendar into a digital calendar

“Electronic calendars are nice, but there’s nothing like something that is physically present and right in front of the whole family. Every member gets a different color and is responsible for keeping their own items up to date.” source: A reader comment like that is almost always present in any article about the benefitsContinue reading “Turn your wall calendar into a digital calendar”

Get a Digital Fridge Calendar in 5 minutes

Turn any Android or Fire tablet into a family digital fridge calendar with Mango Display App. Easily mount the tablet on the Fridge using the PadTab 2 damage-free stick-on mount. Mango Display connects with your existing Google account calendars including shared calendars, so you don’t need to change your scheduling process. Simply manage your calendarContinue reading “Get a Digital Fridge Calendar in 5 minutes”