Sell your smart mirrors, use our software

As a smart mirror seller; whether you are a company or an individual, we know all the customer service issues that can come up with selling a smart mirror based on raspberry pi and open source software. SD card corruption, software configuration issues, and forcing users to connect keyboards and a mouse for wifi passwords,Continue reading “Sell your smart mirrors, use our software”

Magic Mirror App for Smart Mirror

What is Magic Mirror App? Is there a smartphone App for making a Magic Mirror? Mango Mirror is a Magic Mirror App that lets you setup, configure and control you Magic Mirror from your smart phone or computer. Mango Mirror App is available for users on the Apple App Store for iOS users or onContinue reading “Magic Mirror App for Smart Mirror”

DIY Smart Mirror: Build a magic mirror in 10 minutes

We will provide you with step-by-step instructions, video and details to build your smart magic mirror in under 10 minutes flat. While there are many smart magic mirrors built using Raspberry Pi. We recommend using and Android tablet instead. There are many reasons for this, you can read the details in our our Raspberry PiContinue reading “DIY Smart Mirror: Build a magic mirror in 10 minutes”

Using Android for your Smart Mirror, is the future.

For the past few years the Raspberry Pi has been the number one option for building smart mirrors. However it was always too cumbersome to make one. First of all the Raspberry Pi comes with out a case, you need a separate monitor that makes it heavy, requiring a heavy duty frame, power cables goingContinue reading “Using Android for your Smart Mirror, is the future.”

Should I use a Raspberry Pi or Android Tablet for my Smart Mirror?

We get asked this question a lot. What should I use to build my smart mirror? Should I make a smart mirror with a Raspberry Pi? or use an Android tablet for my smart mirror? And our answer for most people is almost always – Android/Fire Tablet. Here are the 5 main reasons why. 1.Continue reading “Should I use a Raspberry Pi or Android Tablet for my Smart Mirror?”

Kohler’s attempt at a smart mirror falls short

Kohler, a behemoth in the Bathroom industry released the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, smart mirror at CES 2018. This mirror is being marketed as their first ‘smart mirror’, here is their pitch: Enjoy a new level of convenience in your bathroom with the Verdera Voice lighted mirror with KOHLER Konnect. Using built-in voice assistant technology, effortlessly control your idealContinue reading “Kohler’s attempt at a smart mirror falls short”