DIY Digital Family Wall Calendar

Sometimes the best post on how to use Mango Display, comes from our users. This link below is an amazing post written by Jessica on how the Mango Display digital calendar is used to help keep her family organized. This post will inspire you to get organized and simplify your family schedules, so that noContinue reading “DIY Digital Family Wall Calendar”

Apple iCloud Digital Photo Frame

We all know it. Most digital photo frames available today just plain suck They either have some SD card that you’ve to to transfer your photos onto using a computer (honestly who has time for this), and then you have to do the same for every new photo you want to be added. This isContinue reading “Apple iCloud Digital Photo Frame”

A digital calendar with custom photo events

A calendar that displays photos on the dates of important events for you and your family. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Holidays, upcoming weddings, graduations, vacations and more. The steps below show you how to setup a photo event calendar for your Mango Display Digital Calendar. Its a simple 2 step process: Step 1: Setup the eventsContinue reading “A digital calendar with custom photo events”