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What is Magic Mirror App? Is there a smartphone App for making a Magic Mirror?

Mango Mirror is a Magic Mirror App that lets you setup, configure and control you Magic Mirror from your smart phone or computer. Mango Mirror App is available for users on the Apple App Store for iOS users or on the Web for other platforms.

iOS Users

Download Mango Mirror App from Apple App Store

Android, Windows, Mac & Other platforms

Use our WebApp at

Magic Mirror created with the Mango Mirror App
How do you use the Magic Mirror App?

Step 1

Use the browser on your Raspberry Pi, Smart TV, PC, Mac or other device. Or download Mango Display App on your Android Tablet, Fire Tablet, Fire TV.

This is your Display Device for your Magic Mirror.

Step 2

Open Mango Mirror iOS App  or Mango Mirror webApp.

Register and select your display device type. Choose widgets and configure your display layout.

Done 🏆

Widgets that you selected – like your calendar, clock, weather, steps, sleep, news, health, reminders, nutrition, backgrounds, quotes, notes  and more are displayed on your Magic Mirror.

How much does Magic Mirror App cost?

Most of the basic widgets that you would use on your Magic Mirror – like weather, clock, quotes, news, etc are absolutely FREE. There are also specialized widgets like showing health data from Apple Health or your Fitbit – steps, heart-rate, sleep, nutrition and more that are part of the premium subscription. Premium subscription includes a free trial period. For more information on pricing please see pricing

What do you need to build a smart mirror?

Here is an example of the material you will need. Feel free to substitute as needed, based on your preference. For example you can use a different size glass mirror, a larger Fire tablet, or go frameless if you like. Personalize it to your taste.

Two-way glass mirror (use a size of your preference, making sure it is larger than the tablet)

Black Vinyl Wrap air release adhesive film roll (ideally 12” width by 60” length)

Picture frame (same size as the mirror, must be able to fit the mirror within this frame)

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (black is ideal) Mango display app (already installed on the amazon fire 7, can be downloaded from play store as well)


Mango Display App installed on your Fire Tablet or Fire TV. Or use an Android Tablet, or a web browser on a PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or Smart TV.

Mango Mirror app on your phone/computer (allows you to control the mango display app)

For detailed instructions on building your Magic Mirror using the Mango Mirror App visit:

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A magic mirror created using the Mango Mirror App

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