Mango Display helps you reach your health & fitness goals

Turn any tablet, TV or monitor into a beautiful, focused digital health display with Mango Display. Crush your health goals and stay motivated on your journey to lifelong health and fitness!


Track activity, exercise, food, weight, sleep and more, from Fitbit, MyFitnessPal or Apple Health


Stay on track with the daily dashboard that show your progress as charts and graphs on Mango Display


Reach your goals by seeing progress notifications and celebrate milestones with your choice of emojis

Empower Your Best Self

Staying on track with your health and fitness goals requires motivation, dedication, and accountability. If you struggle with any of these, then you will most likely not achieve your desired results, or quickly plateau and give up on your fitness journey altogether.

Right now, you might be using a health tracker like FitBit, a health app like Apple Health, and a calorie counter like MyFitnessPal. But how difficult and time-consuming is it to sync, track, and access all that different data? 

Not having a unified view of all the information you need – from sleep to calories burned, from exercise to blood pressure – can leave you feeling frustrated and demoralized.

Well, what if we told you that you can, in fact, view all of this info (and even more) whenever you want, and by simply glancing at a display of your choice? 

Encouraging positive behaviour change in health and fitness through glanceable feedback

By incorporating glanceable feedback into a user’s daily routine, Mango Display makes self-reflection and goal-setting daily activities simple, clear and achievable!

Imagine: you could always check exactly where you’re at in your health and fitness journey, what you should be focusing on right now, and what you have accomplished so far.

At Mango Display, we have come up with just the perfect way to achieve this: our digital Mango Display app.

Download Mango Display on the Google Play store here

Download Mango Display on the Amazon app store here

Simply download our app and transform any screen – TV, tablet, or any other monitor – into an all-in-one, advanced, and comprehensive digital health display, showing all your health and fitness information in one attractive, easy-to-understand way. Or view it on any web browser.

Why a Health Dashboard Display?

It’s simple: because it’s the best (read: only!) way for you to always be in full control of your health and fitness data, progress, and results. And, in turn, this helps you to feel more motivated, focused, and committed to achieving a better, healthier lifestyle – for life!

Discover some of the great features of our product:


You are in full control, and you choose exactly which display to use and how to view your health and fitness information. Set your goals and add your unique goal achievement emoji badges to make the most of your very own health and fitness partner!

Always Up-to-Date

Whenever your health and fitness apps update, your Mango Health Dashboard Display app will do the same. So, every time that you display your data, you know that it’s always fully up-to-date. Track and update anything from sleep, food, exercise, weight, heart-rate and more, and view it where ever and when ever your like.

Display data from fitbit, Apple watch and other apps and devices via Apple health

Connected with All Your Devices

With Mango Display, you can easily and quickly share and display your Fitbit data or Apple Health data (including steps, heart rate, and more) from your iPhone. Includes data from your Apple watch or other Apps and hardware devices (like connected wearable devices, smart scales, blood glucose monitor, blood pressure monitors and more) that sync with Apple Health or Fitbit. Display it on any screen you want, such as your tablet, your Amazon Fire TV, your Android TV, or any web browser

Get a first-hand view of how your health and fitness goals will look like on your brand-new digital health display.

Demo: Adding Apple Health widgets to your display

Demo: Adding your health widgets to Mango Display

Privacy & Security

Can I trust you with my data?
Privacy and security is at the core of the Mango Display experience. We do not share your data, period. To learn more about our secure data storage, encryption and transmission methods please read the details in our Privacy Policy You have full control of your data & privacy. You can delete your data at any time directly from your account.

So simple to setup. Done in under 5 minutes.

Use the Mango Display App on Android/Fire Tablet or Amazon Fire TV.  Or use any web browser (Smart TV, Mac, iPad, PC, Raspberry Pi) as your display.
Simple setup at using your phone, tablet or computer. Done!

Ready for the full Mango experience? Try your Mango Health Dashboard Display now, in just a few minutes and directly from your browser. Connect it with your favourite device and hey, presto! Your health and fitness data will be available literally in a few taps. The 30 day free trial, gives you a no-risk chance to see how much value it can bring to your life.


“Having a dedicated display for my health has worked wonders for me. Using Mango Display as my personal health dashboard has been the key to reaching and maintaining my weight goal”

– Jessica T

Try it now. Display your calendar on this browser to check it out. Done in under 2 minutes. Get your health data displayed on any screen! Get started now