Mango Display helps you reach your health & fitness goals

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Track activity, exercise, food, weight, sleep and more, from Fitbit, MyFitnessPal or Apple Health

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Stay on track with the daily dashboard that show your progress as charts and graphs on Mango Display

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Reach your goals by seeing progress notifications and celebrate milestones with your choice of emojis

Display data automatically from Apple watch, iPhone, Fitbit, other apps and devices, or manually entered into Apple Health.

Encouraging positive behaviour change in health and fitness through glanceable feedback

By incorporating glanceable feedback into a user’s daily routine, Mango Display makes self-reflection and goal-setting daily activities without requiring that users alter their existing schedules.

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your device from the Google Play store or the Amazon App Store and Open it.

Step 2

Download Mango Mirror App from the iOS App store. Allows you to Setup your Display, select and configure widgets & layout

Step 3

Leave Mango Display App running on your Android device and enjoy your information displayed automatically!

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“Having a dedicated display for my health has worked wonders for me. Using Mango Display as my personal health dashboard has been the key to reaching and maintaining my weight goal”

– Jessica T

Download Mango Display on the Google Play store here

Download Mango Display on the Amazon app store here

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