Keeping the family organized during quarantine with a digital calendar

Daily schedule display screenshot

We don’t have to tell you about the fist half of 2020. Our worlds turned upside down with the impact of Coronavirus. It impacted you and your family, no matter where in the globe you are.

During the quarantine we noticed that we had a significant jump in users of our software. And they were specifically using the digital calendar functionality.

So we reached out to a few users and got their feedback.

“I used it to schedule school schedule and activities for my kids. As I was busy and working from home the kids were able to view the planned schedules on Mango Display. This kept our routine scheduled and organized.”

A digital calendar to keep your family organized

“Since we were able to add multiple calendars to be displayed, my kids could just check it to see if I was in a meeting or not, before the came to to my ‘work from home’ office :)”

It’s always amazing to see that our software can help families, and especially more so, during these difficult times. Here’s how you can use Mango Display as a family digital calendar.

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