Make a smart mirror using any Android Tablet in under 10 minutes

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Here is the list of items you will need

Feel free to substitute as needed, based on your preference. For example you can use a different size glass mirror, a larger Fire tablet, or any other Android tablet, or go frameless if you like. Personalize it to your taste, that is what this DIY option is all about.

Two way glass mirror

A glass two way mirror (or sometimes also called a one way mirror), is a transparent mirror that is reflective from one side. The bright light content from the tablet comes through the glass, while all the other areas are black and result in displaying reflection to the viewer, that resembles a normal mirror. So this allows us to create a mirror that looks like the content is being displayed on it. The cheapest place to get it is from your local glass supply store.

Link to buy: Two Way Mirrors

*Note: You could use acrylic instead of glass as an alternative, and it is much cheaper. However we have found that the quality compared to glass is not as good. So we only recommend using glass.

Link to buy: Acrylic See-Through Mirror

Picture frame

A wall hanging picture frame that holds a 18″ x 24″ photo/picture so that that the glass can fit inside. You can choose any frame of your choice.

Amazon Link: Craig Frames

Black Vinyl Wrap Adhesive Film

Black Vinyl Wrap air release adhesive film roll – 12″ x 60″.

Amazon links:  Vinyl Frog

 Tips when using Google voice assistant

During your normal use of Google voice assistant, the Mango Display App may be covered over by Google voice assistant generated screens- example Album art, when you are playing songs. So when you want to see your Mango display again, simply say ‘Hey Google, Open Mango Display App’. If you want to close the app, say ‘Hey Google, Close Mango Display App‘.

Compatible with most Android or Amazon Fire Tablets

Download Mango Display on the Google Play store here

Download Mango Display on the Amazon app store here