Setup your display in under 2 minutes

Step 1

Choose your Display(s)

Using an Android Tablet, Fire Tablet or Fire TV as your display? Download & open Mango Display App from the App store.

Using a Raspberry Pi, Smart TV, PC, Mac or other device as your display? Open your web browser.

This is your Display Device.

Step 2

Choose your Control

To setup your display using an iPhone, download and use the Mango Mirror iOS App 

To setup your display using an Android, Windows or Mac, use Mango Mirror webApp.

Register and select your display device type. Choose widgets and configure your display layout.

Done 🏆

Your display is ready

Widgets that you selected – like your calendar, clock, weather, steps, sleep, news, health, reminders, nutrition, backgrounds, quotes, notes  and more are displayed on your display device.

Setup and control all your Mango Display devices

iOS Users

Download Mango Mirror App from Apple App Store

Android, Windows, Mac & Other platforms

Use our WebApp* at app.mangomirror.com

*WebApp may not have all features as iOS at this time, but is being updated regularly.

Demo – Setup Mango Display using Mango Mirror Web App

Demo – Setup Mango Display using Mango Mirror iOS App

Connect to Mango Display Devices

Connect and add your Mango Display Devices to your account. 

Resize and Change Layout

Resize and move widgets between multiple screens. Increase each widget to the size you want to view them on Mango Mirror.

Select and configure widgets

Select and configure the widgets you want to see on Mango Mirror. Click here for the full list of currently available widgets.

Multiple screens with timer 

Add multiple screens, customize them your way. Set a timer for each to have them rotate accordingly on Mango Display.

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