Make your own Smart Mirror in 10 minutes

Display your calendar, weather, health, news, notes, photos and more. No programming required. Use our simple App and get your smart mirror completed today!

Smart Mirror displaying weather, health, time and more..

A smart mirror (also known as a magic mirror) is a two-way mirror with an electronic display behind the glass. The display’s bright content passes through the glass to give viewers the illusion that the information is directly on the mirror. This smart mirror allows you to display your health, fitness, nutrition, news, calendar, sleep, weather, notes, photos and more.

Option 1

Custom mirror size, electronics and display options. Assemble in under 10 minutes.

Android/Fire Tablet

This is the simplest, quickest and cheapest option, and highly recommended. No coding, programming or other connections required. Simply use the Mango Display App for Android/Amazon Fire tablets or an Amazon Fire TV for your smart mirror. Use Alexa or Google voice assistant if your device supports it.

Raspberry Pi

Want to use a Raspberry Pi instead? Then use this option with our Mango Display Web Browser setup. No programming needed for setup.

Are you a seller of smart mirrors, or would you like to make and sell smart mirrors to your friends and customers? Why not use our amazing software platform for free. Easy.

Built my own smart mirror this app made it easy (view review on Amazon.com)

Option 2

Ready to go. No assembly required. Plug it in. Setup with App. Done.

Use the Vilros Magic Glass Mirror, which already has an integrated LCD. Then plug in your Fire TV stick to the HDMI port. Log in to Mango Display and set it up. Note that at this time Mango Display App only runs in landscape mode on Fire TV stick, so you will need to hang the mirror in landscape orientation if you use this option.

Great app for use with our magic mirror- we like it a lot (view review on Amazon.com)

Ryan from ProductHunt.com checking out Mango Mirror

Mango Mirror featured on Discovery Channel

Live in the future. Assemble your very own smart mirror. It’s time the real world caught up with fairly tale technology!

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