Apple iCloud Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frame display

We all know it. Most digital photo frames available today just plain suck 😝

They either have some SD card that you’ve to to transfer your photos onto using a computer (honestly who has time for this), and then you have to do the same for every new photo you want to be added. This is crazy, is 2021 after all.

Some newer digital photo frames have some WiFi and online capabilities, but you have to send new images via e-mail to some obscure email address. Again, crazy. No one has time for that.

Here is what we all want. I have photos on my iPhone I want to see them on a display. Thats it. And with Mango Display you can do that and more.

So simple to use. Use any Android or Amazon Fire Tablet with the size of your choice – 7″, 8″, 10″ screen or go larger with a Fire TV. Download the Mango Display App from the app store.

Then log in at, go to Background Images widget (see image below) and enable the Apple Photos option.

If you already have a shared public album, you can skip the paragraph below.

To create a new shared album: On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos, then make sure you turn on Shared Albums, if it’s not already on. On your iPhone or iPad you can create a shared Apple iCloud photo album that you want to use and name it accordingly (example: Mango Display Photos). To do that, go to Photos->Albums->tap ‘+’ then tap ‘New Shared Album’->Name it->Next->don’t enter any email address, just tap->Create.

Once your album is created (open it if needed) tap the top right ‘People’ icon, then enable the ‘Public website’ option. You will then see a link created, simply click on ‘Share Link’ and then select ‘copy’ from the share options presented.

Then go back to the Mango Display web app and Paste your iCloud shared photo album link and you are done!

Background image setting screen for Mango Display

As a bonus you can also choose any google photo albums you may have or if others have shared with you. And you can also enable unsplash to get some additional gorgeous high quality photographs of nature. So now you have a beautiful digital display with photos from your Apple iCloud albums, Google Photo Albums and Unsplash. Oh and you can also add weather

Apple iCloud photos on a Fire Tablet running the Mango Display App

To keep it updated with new photos that you want displayed, just do the following step.

To add photos

  1. On your iPhone or iPad select the photos that you want to add
  2. Tap the Share button ,  then tap Add to Shared Album .
  3. Choose the album where you want to share your photos (Mango Display Photos, in our example). Then tap Post.

Thats it! Your new added images will be automatically shown on your display going forward. Keep adding as many and as often as you need to keep your Apple iCloud digital photo frame updated for you and your family to enjoy.

Also if you want to make your frame match with your decor and not just look like a piece of technology, simply use any Amazon Fire Tablet add a photo frame that you like. It softens the edges and looks beautiful.

In the images shown in this post, we simply super glued the tablet on to the back of the photo frame mat, removed the glass and voila! You can still use the touch screen when needed. Note: Before you buy, make sure you check all measurements to ensure you get the right photo frame opening to show most of your tablet screen.

Front view of Apple Photo display with Frame
Back view showing how Tablet was glued to photo mat, and groove in frame for power chord.

Also, Check out our blog for details and more amazing things you can do with screens!

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