Business Digital Signage

Turn any screen into a digital display with our App.
Mango Display is used in Offices, Visitor lobbies, Restaurants, Retail, Libraries, Schools and Churches around the world.

Setup is simple and easy. Get yours done in under 5 minutes.

Trusted by HR, Sales, Service, Manufacturing and Logistics organizations to achieve business goals
Employee bulletin board

Create a visually engaging bulletin board for your office. Integrate PDF documents, calendars, notes, photos, videos and presentations. Keep your employees engaged and informed like never before.

Restaurant or Cafeterias

Display restaurant or cafeteria menus using documents, presentations or videos. Integrate calendars and other visual elements to ensure it catches the attention of everyone who passes by.

Churches & Organizations

Showcase service and event dates and times. Flyers, photos and custom content to keep your community engaged and active.

Sales & Service Calendar

Integrate with your company’s Google or Microsoft calendar. Display upcoming sales or service appointments. Keep your teams aware, focused and on track to hit all your business goals.

Classroom calendar

Forget your paper or whiteboard classroom bulletin. Keep the kids focused with calendar integration, photos, Google docs integration and add GIFs and stickers to keep it fun.