A Digital Photo Frame that displays Google and Apple Photos

android tablet photo frame app

Managed Remotely. Updated Automatically.

Use any Android tablet as your digital Photo frame, with Mango Display App. Controlled completely with the Mango Mirror App.

No SD Cards. Auto updates from Google Cloud Photos and Apple Cloud Photos automatically over wi-fi. Also you have the option to add weather, personal notes, quotes, health metrics and more. No other Photo Display solution comes close.

Perfect gift for Parents & Grandparents

“I love being able to add photos to the display remotely and having control over the layout of the screens. No clunky SD cards or third party photo albums. Just Google and Apple Photos, where I keep my photos anyway.” – James

Hundreds of our other users love the ease and convenience of this feature, too, especially for those operating it remotely for elderly family members: “I love this because I can simply add pictures to my google Album and they automatically show up on her frame,” says Jane who set this up for her grandmother. “You are able to control the albums, and photos to be displayed no matter your location. Also, since it uses Google and iPhone shared Albums, anybody that you have given access to add photos can contribute to photos that get automatically displayed onto the frame. Family members, kids, grandkids, friends, and more”.

Customers also love that the setup of the frame is “super easy”, just use any cheap Android tablet of any size that you prefer, and you’ve got an amazing frame.

photo display app

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your device from the Google Play store or the Amazon App Store and Open it.

Step 2

Download Mango Mirror App from the iOS App store. Allows you to Setup your Display, select and configure your Photo Sources, add widgets & layout

Step 3

Leave Mango Display App running on your Android device and enjoy your Photos displayed automatically!

Display can be scheduled to come on and off at specific times.

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