Digital Calendar Display

A beautiful digital calendar display. To organize your personal, family or business schedules.

A live Mango Display portal is loaded above. Because seeing is believing. View on larger screen or view in full browser to get the full experience.

Use any Android Tablet or Amazon Fire TV or a Raspberry Pi or web browser (Smart TV, Mac, iPad, PC) as your display. Setup and configure using Mango Mirror iOS App  or Mango Mirror webApp

Mango Display on Amazon Fire TV setup demo

digital wall calendar

Connects to all calendars on you iPhone, or connect directly to a Google calendar.

Display your events in Month view, Week view or List view.

meeting room calendar display

Add amazing backgrounds to your calendars, or choose photos from your Google or iPhone iCloud photo albums.

Would be perfect for my family. How do I to get started?

Display Type and size: What size do you want?

You can go from a 7″ tablet to a 42″ monitor or TV and anything in between. The choice is yours. If you want to view your calendar as a list of upcoming events (next 5, etc.) then a small screen – under 12 inches, will be fine. However if you want to view a monthly or weekly calendar you will want a larger screen.

Display Location: Where do you want to display it?

Office desk, Kitchen counter, living room wall, kitchen wall, etc. Keep in mind that you will require a power source, so select a location accordingly.

Display style and design:

If you want to keep things sleek and modern, use a sleek tablet, or HDMI screen, or a TV screen. Also when choosing, check out how the Power cables or HDMI connect to these devices as you want them to suit your style.

Seeing is believing. Take it for a test drive.

Use an existing display or simply use this browser as your display to take it for a drive and see if you like it before you buy any display. Have your calendar displayed in under 2 minutes.

Setup your digital calendar now

Go to https://app.mangodisplay.com

Register and login.

Click on ‘Add new display’, and select your display from one of the two options (see image below). If you choose ‘Mango Display Android App’ please open the Mango Display App on your Android display device, it will present you with a device code that you will need to set it up.

Complete the setup and go to ‘Display settings’.

Click on the ‘+’ and select Calendar from the widgets shown. Complete your in-app premium free 30 day trial purchase (you can cancel this at any time in the within the next 30 days from within the app and you will not be charged).

Then click ‘Add Google Account’ to authorize your calendar and choose the view type and you are done!

Tap save to view your calendar on your display device or browser.

You can then resize it choose different layouts, add backgrounds, weather, etc.

google calendar display

Motion sensor to turn on monitor only when you are in the room and wall mount if you are mounting on the wall are optional. Monitor size can also be chosen based on your display needs.

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Demo – Setup Mango Display devices

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