Digital Calendar Display

Turn any screen into a beautiful digital calendar display with our App.
Organize your personal, family or business schedules.

A paper wall calendar is great for displaying to the family, but is never updated.
A Google calendar is always updated, but never displayed for the family.
A Mango Display digital wall calendar stays updated & displays beautifully. The best of both worlds.

Automagically updates events

Automatically refreshes to show new or updated events

Connects to your existing Google, Microsoft or Apple iCloud calendar. Do you add your events using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, the calendar app or web browser? It doesn’t matter. If it gets onto your calendar, it shows on your Mango Display. Instantly. Like Magic!

So simple to setup. Done in under 5 minutes

Use the Mango Display App on Android/Fire Tablet or Amazon Fire TV.  Or use any web browser (Smart TV, Mac, iPad, PC, Raspberry Pi) as your display.
Simple setup at using your phone, tablet or computer. Done!

Helping busy families stay organized

Mango Display has been rated the #1 King of Family Organization Apps by Daily Mom Blog

“You’ve got to love when technology actually helps us out with family issues.” – Jessica (FiveinSix Blog)

Social love from our users

Add clock, weather, quotes, notes, headline news and more!

Your family will be prepared for the day like never before. Add your own note for the family – maybe chores, menu or a joke 🙂
Keep them informed and inspired to take on the challenge and joy of the days events ahead.

Display your photos with amazing backgrounds

Stream photos directly from your Google photo albums or Apple iCloud photo albums. Displays new photos automatically. Get those photos off your phone and into your home. Enjoy those precious memories everyday. Also, stream amazing HD photos of nature, architecture or art from, stay inspired and energized to seize the day!

Add photos or GIFs to those extra special days!

Bring your calendar to life like never before. Add photos and gifs to special days and events in your monthly calendar view just by attaching images to an event in Google calendar. So simple, so amazing!
Steps for adding photo events and enabling the Photo Calendar option.

Thinking about it? Take it for a test drive!

Use an existing display. Or simply use this browser as your display to to set it up and see if you like it before you buy any display. Have your calendar displayed in under 5 minutes.

Things to consider when choosing a display

Choose a size based on your needs

You can go from a 7″ – 10″ Android or Amazon Fire tablet or a 15″ – 120″ monitor or TV with the Amazon Fire TV stick. The choice is yours. If you want to view your calendar as a list of upcoming events (next 5, etc.) or weekly view then a small screen – under 10″ inches, will be fine. However if you want to view a full monthly or multiple week calendar view you will want a larger screen.

Choose a location

Office desk, Kitchen counter, fridge, living room wall, kitchen wall, etc. Keep in mind that you will require a power source, so select a location accordingly.

Display style and design

If you want to keep things sleek and modern, use a sleek tablet, or HDMI screen, or a TV screen. Also when choosing, check out how the Power cables or HDMI connect to these devices as you want them to suit your style.

Seeing is believing. Take it for a test drive!

Try it now. Display your calendar on this browser to check it out. Done in under 5 minutes. Get your family or business organized with an amazing digital wall calendar!