A digital calendar with custom photo events

*Note: This post relates to an upcoming mid-January 2021 release with this functionality. It is not available yet. It is published to give you a glimpse of how it would work*

A calendar that displays photos on the dates of important events for you and your family. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Holidays, upcoming weddings, graduations, vacations and more.

The steps below show you how to setup a photo event calendar for your Mango Display Digital Calendar.

Its a simple 2 step process:

Step 1: Setup the events on your calendar.

We will use a a Google Calendar in this example. But you can use any calendar service that integrates with Mango Display.

We recommend creating a new google calendar in your account and name it accordingly. As an example: ‘Family events’. But, you can use your existing calendar as well and just add events with photos where you need them (example: family birthdays).

Create your event on your calendar as you would normally do. For example: Joe’s Birthday- July 15, all day event. Recurring every year.

Then click on ‘Add attachments’

Attach a photo of Joe that you want to use.

Photo used with Mango Display Calendar

The following additional steps are required in order to assign your attached file with the appropriate permission access so it can be displayed on your Mango Display calendar. Google only allows permissions to be set when there are guests in your invitation.

In the ‘Add guests’ field you must enter an email address. It can be any e-mail address, like a secondary e-mail address if you have one. Or simply enter a dummy address like ‘g@g.com’ as shown below.

Click on’Save‘ to save the event.
When you get prompted with this message:

Select ‘Don’t send’, as we don’t want to send invitation emails to the guest email address used.
Then when prompted with this message:

Enable the ‘Turn link sharing on‘ option and click ‘INVITE‘.

And you are done!

Do the same for all other events you want to create and add your photos too. You can also add, delete or change events later. You calendar will automatically update with the latest events and photos as you update your calendar.

It is recommended to chose close ups and also keep the image format as close to a square as possible. This is because it needs to fit within the date grid. You can also use text images or icons and clip art instead of an actual photo. See some examples below to get you started, just right click and save them. You can find many others online or create your own unique ones with canva.com

You can also choose images that have transparent backgrounds as you can choose different calendar background colours with your digital calendar display. If your events span multiple days (Your planned vacation as an example ), the image will be expanded accordingly to the number of days so you can use a wide landscape photo accordingly.

Yes, you can also use gifs to keep it animated! So many to choose from over at Giphy.com. Simply find the one you want, then right click on it to download, and then attach it to your event.

Step 2: Selecting and using the photo calendar

Once you have setup your Mango Display. Go to the calendar widget.

We will use a a Google Calendar in this example. But you can use any calendar service that integrates with Mango Display.

Click on ‘Add your Google Calendar Account’ and follow the steps to authorize Mango Display to access to that calendar. After that is completed, expand your Google Calendar Account so you can see all the calendars in your account. Select the ‘Family events’ calendar and de-select any others that you don’t want to display.

Tap the greyed out image icon next to the calendar you want to set as Photo Calendar. The ‘Family events’ calendar in our example. This will provide you with the following screen for confirmation:

Photo Calendar <enable button>

Displays the the photo attached to each event’s date on the displayed calendar. Usually used for family events – Birthdays, Anniversaries, vacations, etc. and Company events like – BBQ, Seminars, potlucks etc. To learn more about this feature click here.

Overlay event name on photo <enable/disable>

Text colour for event name: <white>

Background colour: <black>

Enable the Photo Calendar option and modify any other configurations you like and click save. The image icon next to your calendar will now be active and green.

Once done. Make any other setting or formatting changes that you would like for your calendar and save.

That it! Now you will see your photo events show up on your calendar display. You can continue to add, change or remove events in your Google Calendar and they will automatically be reflected on your Mango Display Calendar.

Note that if you have multiple calendars selected – the photo calendar when events exist with appear over any existing events on that date. So in our example for March 15, you will only see Joe’s photo. No other events if there are. Also this only applies to Monthly/Weekly calendar views.

We are you sure you will enjoy this feature. Use it to display family events, shift calendar, office events, business events and more.

Mango Display Photo events Calendar

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