Get a Digital Fridge Calendar in 5 minutes

Weather forecast display tablet in Fridge

Turn any Android or Fire tablet into a family digital fridge calendar with Mango Display App. Easily mount the tablet on the Fridge using the PadTab 2 damage-free stick-on mount. Mango Display connects with your existing Google account calendars including shared calendars, so you don’t need to change your scheduling process. Simply manage your calendar schedule as you do today, and have it displayed and updated automatically right on your fridge for the family to see.

We all know that the kitchen is the hub for our families. And with our busy schedules, what better place to have our digital calendar than on the Fridge, where everyone can view it and be informed of what events are coming up. Never miss a dental appointment, kids soccer or piano again. Even if you forget, your kids will see it and remind you 🙂

Getting your fridge digital calendar setup is simple and easy, simply download the Mango Display app and get started, get yours setup in under 5 minutes. With multiple calendar design options available from upcoming event list, weekly schedule, monthly or multi-week views, you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

Your family and friends will be amazed at this setup. Mango Display also allows you to display your Google photos and Apple photos, so get those photos off your phone and into your home. You can also add other widgets like time, weather, forecasts, custom notes, news, quotes and more. Give your family and yourself the digital hub that we all need to stay organized in todays busy and chaotic world.

With app based power management options if you use an Amazon Fire tablet you can automatically turn on your digital fridge calendar at specific times when you are home or when you are in the same room.

So what are you waiting for, get your digital fridge calendar setup today and help keep your family organized this year!

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