Mango Display for Android Tablet

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your device from the Google Play store or the Amazon App Store and Open it.

Step 2

Download Mango Mirror App from the iOS App store. Allows you to Setup your Display, select and configure widgets & layout

Step 3

Leave Mango Display App running on your Android device and enjoy your information displayed automatically!

Compatible with most Android or Amazon Fire Tablets

Check out this demo of Mango Display on Android, by Caroline Dunn

Download Mango Display on the Google Play store here

Download Mango Display on the Amazon app store here

What our customers are saying…

So simple to setup. I’m not a coder/programmer and I’ve wanted something like this for a long time. I’m using it as a time, weather, news and calendar dashboard in our kitchen for the family. It’s amazing.

Joel, Canada

I set up two displays for my girlfriend and I, so we can have own on personal health, calendar and notes. It’s started a little friendly health competition, now that its displayed and seen everyday ­čÖé

Leo, California

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