Mango Display for Amazon Fire TV

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your Fire TV from the Amazon App Store and Open it. It will provide you with a display device code.

Step 2

On your phone, tablet or computer. Log in to the website. Click ‘Add new display’. Select the Fire TV display device type. Enter name and device code. Choose widgets and configure your display layout.

Step 3

Done! Leave Mango Display App running on your Fire TV device. You can schedule your Fire TV and Mango Display time using Alexa routines.

Mango Display on Amazon Fire TV setup demo

What our customers are saying…

Amazing! Fire TV sticks are so cheap. My Mango Display with beautiful backgrounds, weather, quotes and the time is an amazing addition to our family room.

Kevin, Australia

Alexa Routines to schedule Fire TV and Mango Display App

With Alexa routines, it is simple to schedule your Fire TV to power on your TV with Mango Display App open only when you need it. For example if you are away at work most of the week days, you could schedule it to be on between 6AM-9AM and 6PM-1OPM on weekdays. This allows you to enjoy the Mango Display experience without wasting power or manually turning it on or off. Amazing!

To get started you can use our routine templates below, or create your own routines in your Alexa App directly.

Here are a couple of templates to get you started. Simply click on the links to get started and customize them according to your needs. You can have as many routines are you like.

Turn on Fire TV and Mango Display App -Powers on your Fire TV screen (TV or HDMI monitor) and opens Mango Display App at the chosen days and time.

iOS Alexa App screenshot – Turn on Fire TV and Open Mango Display App

Turn off Fire TV -Powers off your TV at the chosen days and time.

iOS Alexa App screenshot – Turn off Fire TV

Note that this may not work will all TVs or HDMI monitors as per Amazon’s details below. But is should work with most modern TVs and HDMI monitors.


How to Use the Search Function to Find and Download Apps on a Fire TV Stick 

  1. Navigate to the home screen of your Fire TV Stick, or any other Fire TV device.


2. Press left on the directional pad to enter the search section.


Tip: The search section is represented by a magnifying glass. If you have a Fire TV remote with a built-in microphone, you can also perform searches by pressing the microphone button on the remote.

3. Use the directional pad to type ‘Mango Display’ and then select it from the bottom.

mango4. Locate the app with when provided with the search results, and press the button in the center of the directional keypad to select it.

5. With Get selected, press the button in the center of the directional keypad to download the app.

6. Wait for the app to download and then launch it, or return to the Apps section later to use it whenever you want.


Motion sensor to turn on monitor only when you are in the room and wall mount if you are mounting on the wall are optional. Monitor size can also be chosen based on your display needs.

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