Mango Display for Android TV

Mango Display for Android TV

Use any size Android TV to get started.

Great option if you are looking to get a new screen for your display, no additional dongles needed!

OR use an Android TV stick with any TV or HDMI Monitor

Excellent option if you already have or want to use a specific monitor or TV and just need to turn it into a smart display.

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your Android TV from the Play Store and Open it. It will provide you with a display device code.

Step 2

On your phone, tablet or computer. Log in to the website. Click ‘Add new display’. Select the Android display device type. Enter name and device code. Choose widgets and configure your display layout.

Step 3

Done! Leave Mango Display App running on your Android device. You can schedule your Android TV and Mango Display time using Routines.

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Schedule Mango Display with Google Routines
Step 1

Download the Google Home App on your android device (tablet or phone)

Step 2

Select “Routines”

Step 3

Click the “+” button to add a new routine

Step 4

Select your type of routine (Personal or Household)

Step 5

Select “Add Starter” and choose “At a specific time”

Step 6

Select the time and when it would repeat the click “add starter”

Step 7

Then select “Add Action” and choose “Adjust Home Devices”

Step 8

Select your Device, then select “Turn on or off” then choose “Add action”

Step 9

Lastly, add a Title to your Routine and select “save”

To open the Mango Display app
Step 1

On your “Turn on TV” routine, add a new action by selecting “Add action”

Step 2

Then select “Try adding your own”

Step 3

“Open the Mango Display app” then click done. Mango Display App will now open after your TV turns on.