Mango Display for Raspberry Pi

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download MangOS for Free and copy* the image to your Micro SD Card

*We recommend using Etcher to copy the MangOS image onto your Micro SD Card

Step 2

Insert the Micro SD Card into your compatable Raspberry Pi. Connect your HDMI display and Power it on.

Step 3

Download Mango Mirror App from the iOS App store to setup wifi. Select and configure widgets & layout.

Hardware Requirements

google smart mirror

Raspberry Pi*

+ Micro SD Card 16GB 
+ Power Adaptor

*Raspberry Pi models 3B & 3B+ only

what is a smart mirror

HDMI display

Any size HDMI compatible display of your choice. Works in portrait and landscape.

Optional add-on hardware components for extra functionality

raspberry pi dashboard app

+ Motion sensor

Add a PIR motion sensor to turn on the display only when motion is detected. It turns off when motion stops after a timer delay of your choice which  you can set in the Mango Mirror App.

Without a motion sensor your display will stay on always, however you can set a night mode time within the Mango Mirror App and it will turn off the display every night for that time duration, automatically.

Part: Any PIR motion sensor compatible with the Raspberry Pi 
Buy:  HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor (5v) from amazon, don’t forget wires ðŸ™‚Click here for wiring diagram for HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor or any other 5v sensor.

Click here for wiring diagram for a 3.3v motion sensor.

raspberry pi dashboard app

+ USB Bluetooth Dongle for multi-user setup

This USB dongle plugged into the Raspberry Pi  allows you to set up your display in multiple user mode. Enabling each user in the home to see their own personalized display layout and data when they are in near the display. Works based on iPhone proximity.

MangOS will default to single user mode during setup in the absence of this USB dongle.

Part: Bluegiga BLED112 Bluetooth® Low Energy Dongle   
Buy:  SiliconLabs,  mouser,  amazon

Customer Feedback

A Raspberry Pi that is completely controlled by an iOS App. This is the future. I set my display with the optional motion sensor behind a frame and it looks and works amazing.

Mike, UK

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