Digital Calendar, Digital Signage

Turn any screen into a custom display

Mango Display is a customizable display app for your calendar, photos, weather, notes, documents, video and more! Use any screen as your display.
Organize your family or business, finally.

Use any screen. No custom hardware required.

Display on any Android Tablet or Amazon Fire tablet with our Mango Display App. Perfect for placement on desk, kitchen counter, Fridge, bedside table or wall.
Display on TV/Monitor with our Amazon Fire TV or Android TV Mango Display App. Perfect for wall or desk.
Display on any screen using a web browser (like the one you have open right now!). Works with Windows, Mac, iPad, Raspberry Pi, Smart TVs and more. Perfect for wall, desk, or as a default open tab on your browser.

Simple setup. Done in under 5 minutes.

✓ Simple App based setup
✓ One click templates
✓ Easy drag and drop layout editor
✓ Landscape or portrait mode

Sounds great. What can I display on it?

Show you calendars in monthly, weekly, schedule or list views. Connects to your
Google, Microsoft or Apple calendars directly.

Show photos from your Apple iCloud photo album. Updates automatically. Free those
memories locked up in your phone and display them at home.

Show photos from your Google photo album. Updates automatically. Photos are memories
or precious moments in time, meant to re-lived every time you see them.

Headline news to keep you updated and informed. Choose from over 100 worldwide news sources like
CNN, BBC, TechCrunch, ESPN and more.

Gorgeous landscape, nature, art HD images from Unsplash.com to wow and uplift your
spirits every time you see them.

Daily quotes automatically updated to keep the family inspired, uplifted and encouraged
to live your best life.

Current weather, 24 forecast & 5 day forecast. Updated every hour. You and the kids will be
prepared and dressed accordingly.

Create and display personal notes to keep you reminded, inspired and organized for what
ever comes your way.

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